Toll Gate remembers Mama Christie

January 07, 2017
Rasbert Turner photo The casket with the body of Agnes Christie is ushered into the church
Rasbert Turner photo Mourners weep for Christie

It was a bitter Christmas for the family and loved ones of the late Agnes Pearl Christie, who was laid to rest on December 24.

The emotional farewell saw family, friends, and loved ones flock to the St James Anglican Church in Toll Gate, Clarendon, to say goodbye.

Christie was described as a matriarch to all who came across her.

In his reflection, Christie's nephew, Raymond Golding, described her as the strongest woman to have walked the Earth. He said that she was filled with love and compassion for all.

"She had nine kids of her own, but she shared her love with all of us. She will be my angel and one that I will know by name," Golding said.

Christie was known to be very kind and gave cookies, cane, and food to those who came across her.

'Mama' or 'Aunt Joyce', whichever name one used to salute her, there was consensus that her life had left a positive mark on the lives of those she left behind.

It was very touching that the funeral service coincided with the birth date of her first child.

Honesty and discipline were values that she instilled in all her children.

Christie was said to be a woman of great faith and rarely failed to attend church on a Sunday.

Many remembered that she raised her children single-handedly after her husband died tragically, leaving her with nine children.

Her son, Deputy Superintendent of Police Trevor Christie, said his mother was very instrumental in his professional life.

"She grew us very well and had respect as one of the great qualities. She is sadly missed, but she lived a full life," he said.

It was revealed how she would pedal her sewing machine at night to complete orders for persons in the community.

Although she did not achieve higher education, she believed that education was the key to succeeding.

Because of this, all her children have done well and their accomplishments have hinged on the values of their mother

Christie was born on March 12, 1933, and died on November 25, 2016. She was later interred at the family plot in Clarendon Park.

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