Fass & Curious - Christmas was depressing

January 09, 2017

Lawd, me late, but nonetheless #HAPPYNEWYEAR to all a unuh!

I wish you all the best for the year ahead. Don't #OD on anything, but try to be moderate in everything you do, and remember only your best is good enough, so give up procrastinating this year.

I can't help but point out how sad and depressing Christmas has become in Jamaica. Agree or disagree? Oh well, it doesn't carry the same measures it used to once have.

As a young child, I looked forward to this holiday. Not because me used to get gifts, but just because everywhere used to look clean and fresh.

Roads were clean, people would paint up their houses, hang some kind of pepper lights or decorations. Families and friends got together, while love and warmth filled the air.

The roads were filled with people. Growing up over the years, I've watch as Christmas just turns into another day to a lot of people. No one cares any longer.

Dat, or di country's economy so bad people can't afford to show care? Nothing not even 'grand' about grand market again. LOL! No, but seriously. It bad.

One Tuesday night, I went to Jacob's Place at Kings Plaza, where they had live show performances.

It was barely anything but that. I watched as the MC tried to lift the crowd's spirit and they tried, but, my God, they were like a dead log.

She even had them singing "I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas", but it was like raising the dead.

On top of that, the performers weren't 'hot', so that didn't help the situation any. She tried to pump life into them until she gave up hope.

Nah lie, though, she herself was spunky, energetic and full of vibe. The crowd liked her too, but they were just in sombre mood - like someone had passed.

She, too, shared how disgruntled she was as she asked them what happened to their Christmas spirit!

The main performer for the night was the highlight of my night. He was as dull as they come, and wah mek it worse, him swear him is 'IT'.

He lacked stagecraft and although he tried to dress up his appearance, it was just stiff.

Mind you, him have a very nice voice, but in this day and age of excitement, he definitely needed some juice!

Boy bye! Cho! Unuh walk good till next week yah! Stagrgossipchica@gmail.com

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