Dancers' Paradise - 'Spider Wine' - exciting to watch, but difficult to do

January 13, 2017
File Destiny Q.O.P.

Dancehall artiste Destiny Q.O.P has recorded a single for a new dance move titled the 'spider wine'.

The dance was created by Montego Bay-based dancer Out and Bad Tash and is relatively controversial, since it requires a female to squat with both legs through the shoulders, mimicking the shape of a spider, while the posterior end of the body is being moved upwards and downwards.

Destiny told Dancers' Paradise that she was personally approached by the dancer to create the accompanying song for the dance.

"Team Wuck Fah is comprised of Dyema, Out and Bad Tash and Trini. They have been doing well in the western region for dancehall, and this dance a mash up the place down that side," said Destiny.

"I recorded the song on Legend Celebrity Records and I also included Out and Bad Tash in the song because she created another popular dance move that she did not get any credit for, so I wanted to do it right," she added.

Destiny also admitted that the dance is not easy. She, however, feels that it should not be difficult for seasoned dancers to learn.

"I cannot do the dance and I don't think it's very simple for me, because I am not flexible like that. But I am sure the dancers dem out there can do it, because I see them bend up and set like any letter in the alphabet, so I am sure they will catch on," she said.

Aside from the 'butterfly', dances inspired by insects and other animals are usually met with ridicule; for example, the 'walk like a dog' and 'the donkey kick' in recent times.

However, Destiny told Dancers' Paradise that she is not worried about any backlash.

"I am not worried about that because I don't care what people think. Once you see the dance, you will understand why it is named 'spider wine', and you have to be talented to do that," Destiny said.

Out and Bad Tash told Dancers' Paradise that she made the dance difficult for a purpose.

"I have always created dances. Mi create 'indicator' and Spice dem run wid it, so mi just create this one because people can't steal this one suh easy. People like the videos I have posted doing the dance, and the selector dem love it. When wi done the song, people a guh tek on more to it," she said.

The Spider Wine dance single will be released in coming weeks.

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