My Confession: I found a piece of condom in my woman


January 13, 2017

STAR, mi did have a girl wah me really rate, but she do a thing wah me can't believe all now. If mi neva see it fi miself, me wouldn't believe anybody weh tell me.

Me and the girl did a talk fi about a year. Wi did have some problems, like she always a flirt up with nuff man. She tell me that her last man neva have a problem with it, so she didn't see the big deal. But me tell her straight up seh that nah go work with me.

After me set that straight, mi neva see she a do them foolishness deh again. So, mi think everything good. One Friday, when she did fi come look fi me, she tell me seh she have to go look for her cousin in Trelawny.

Mi neva hear about this cousin before. The only somebody me know she have in Trelawny is a man wah she used to deal with. But mi trust her to the max, so mi neva look too deep into it. The same evening she visit me, and as we start do we thing, me feel a little friction. When me pull out, mi see a piece of rubber pon me thing!

Mi so frighten. Mi say, 'Hey gyal, a wah this?' She couldn't even answer mi or try give excuse because she know exactly what it was. She start bawl and a say how she sorry, and that it was one time last week. Mi just kiss me teeth and leave. What a gyal wicked. She go deh with next man then come to me the same day with piece of condom still inna her!

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