Fass & Curious: Phone-searching drama on the bus

January 16, 2017
Commuters getting ready to board a bus.

Hey, peeps! What a gwaan? Hope all is swell, and you are enjoying the new year. Bwoy, me a tell unuh, it look like me need fi have a whole 'pon di bus' series 'cause me a tell yuh, there's no day I don't get some kind of drama while travelling on the bus!

The other day I sat in front of two old ladies. OK, fine, I'm gonna put them at late 40s or 50s. My reason for that assumption is that their heads were completely grey - one of them more than the other. I was listening for a while and was shocked when I turned around and discovered that the conversation was between two grown women.

"Me say di other night me go bathroom, and mi phone ring, my man him answer it. Look like him all search it! A come ask me a which man that!? Yuh know, if fi him phone ringing and him not in the room, I don't even look on it, because dem say when yuh searching for things you will find it. Wah him a search me phone fa?" one of the women said.

The other woman started telling a tale of a woman who searched her man's phone and got mad because of what she saw. She started throwing the man's clothes out the house, and it was the eldest son who came and stopped it.

"Mama, why yuh a fling out Ricky clothes? A bet if a did Michael yuh wouldn't dweet!," he said.

Apparently, she felt some kinda way and started picking up his stuff off the ground.

The other lady interjected and said, "Oh, so if the son never come say anything, she wouldn't stop?"

"Yes, because Ricky a tek care of har good good and him nuh stay like wutlis Michael, weh usually abuse har, so she waah treat him bad," the woman said.




I was sitting there dying inside with laughter. I kept glancing around as if I was looking to the back of the bus, but I was really just taking them in. I was just amused because I couldn't believe this conversation was coming from these women. It's not that I'm judging them either, but it sounded like some careless-gal conversation, and they looked elderly and decent. Oh, the irony. Never judge a book by its cover.

On a serious note though, as a couple, I don't believe phones should be off limit because you shouldn't have anything incriminating in them.

However, we are human beings and we tend to misinterpret conversations at times, so prying isn't the best thing most times. I also believe that if you want to find things and you dig for it, you will find it. Most times, it's not something you can deal with, so what you don't know won't kill you! Instead of searching phones, search for ways to better your relationship! Have a blessed week! Stargossipchica@gmail.com

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