Dancers' Paradise : Cash Diamond to go solo

January 20, 2017
Card Unit

The Card Unit dance crew, has been working with record label Island Jams Records as a part of their promotion team.

The label, which is also home to several recording artistes, including Blakkman and Raine Seville, has also opened new opportunities for the former Dancin' Dynamites champions.

Cash Diamond, who recently spoke with Dancers' Paradise, revealed that he is gearing up to embark on his first set of solo US performances under the guidance of the label.

He highlighted that the working relationship has been nothing less than profitable; it's also provided much excitement.

"The opportunity to perform overseas is a wonderful feeling. We have performed internationally before after winning Dancin' Dynamites ... it is a wonderful feeling to be performing worldwide, because our dream is to spread our culture overseas," he said.

Card Unit is also looking to promote a new song in support of their 'bad blood' dance move.

The dance song was produced by One Army entertainment and also features popular selector Ikel Marvelous.

"My fellow group member Clubs is the one who did the Bad Blood dance song and I have a song to be released for my dance called 'fix things'," he said.

The song features Moshan and will soon be released.

"'Fix things' and 'bad blood' are both easy and fun dances, so basically you can see that we are putting in a lot of work," he said.

The dancer also revealed that Card Unit recently added new members and is an even stronger force to contend with in the dancehall.

Cash Diamond is booked for shows on March 17 and 18 in Miami and New York, respectively.

"From day one, Card Unit is a different type of dance crew. We wow people with creativity. We are looking to film a music video for the 'bad blood' dance. It is easy to catch and people can view the videos on our YouTube Card Unit page," he said.

The dance crew has also created a hashtag called #badblooddance, which will bring Internet fans closer to all their posts about the choreography.

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