My Confession : I had sex with a smelly man for money

January 20, 2017

STAR, this happen quite some years ago.

Mi did have two pickney at the time. Mi did live with them father, but me did have fi run away leave him and go back to me mother yard because of him womanising ways.

Hard life tek mi bad. Mi mother couldn't help mi much. Mi two pickney dem did hungry, and one of them always a get sick. Mi neva have no job, no money. Stress tek hold of me.

Anyways, a deaf man did live next door. Him wife and pickney leave him gone abroad. STAR, him mouth stink like toilet and him ugly like Shaka Zulu.

Him always did a bother me fi a little piece, but him sick me stomach.

It so happen that one day mi pickney did have to go doctor, so mi decide to brace miself and give him a little piece before mi mother come back.

The stink-mouth man come ready fi action, but him want to kiss up and shove tongue inna me mouth, saying him have to get him money's worth because a long time him a wait.

His stench was so bad, me had to lie down on the floor and push me head outta door during the thing.

When him ask mi why mi head outta door, mi tell him say mi watching out fi mi mother so him must hurry up.

STAR, mi nah lie, mi did glad fi the money. Right away, me carry the pickney go doctor and buy nuff food.

When mi look back, mi shame so till, because now mi have a profession and can tek care of miself.

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