Fass & Curious : Telecoms industry needs shaking up

January 23, 2017

Imagine having to call one company five or six times, waiting at least 20 minutes each time, to be connected to a representative, only to have your call abruptly terminated. The worse part is waiting and waiting, only to have your call disconnected after holding for such a long time.

No one ever takes the initiative of calling back, and asking to speak to a supervisor or manager is like asking God to physically speak with you.

Every time you speak to an agent, all you get are apologies for the inconveniences, only to be inconvenienced once more. I'm sure I can't be the only one with these issues, since every time "their representatives are currently dealing with other customers!"

I seem to have telephone service from a very inefficient company because I'm sure people are not keeping their lines busy #allthetime to tell them how great their services are! It's preposterous what we have to deal with with these companies. All they do is take our money and act like they care about us.




Now, this company disconnected my service because of an installation fee I had to pay to get the service in the first place. Somebody tell me how does this make sense? I have called six or so times over the past months to have them address the issue. Again, all I got was 'sorry' and they are doing this and that, yet nothing is done. However, after I threatened to go to the Office of Utilities Regulation get to a lawyer, the issue was quickly rectified.

Now, me never plan to leave me yard enuh but, hey, something's gotta give. Dem too out of order, and it's not like I owe them money.

The telecommunications industry needs shaking up. They need some strong competition. People need options because if we had much choices, we wouldn't have to put up with so much baloney from these corporate giants.

Unuh walk good, yah!


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