Dancers' Paradise : Card Unit still going strong

January 27, 2017
Cash Diamond from the dance group Card Unit.
Card Unit performing during the 2010 season of Dancin' Dynamites.

Popular dancer Cash Diamond of Card Unit has clarified assumptions that the group has broken up due to his recent revelation that he would be embarking on a solo United States tour.

According to the dancer, the group is very much intact and has, in fact, grown over the last few years.

"Card Unit don't break up. I just want to make that clear to the public. We have been working with Island Jam Records on some projects, and I am going to perform on some shows overseas, but that doesn't mean I am a solo dancer. Card Unit has grown to include new members, so to think that the group is separated is the total opposite. We are still going strong," he said.

The dancer also said his fellow founding member, Damion, also known as Clubz, has been busy creating dance moves as well as songs to promote the new dance steps.

"Clubz is the one who did the Bad Blood dance song, which features Ikel Marvelous, and I have a song which we will be promoting soon, called Fix Things. From day one, Card Unit is a different type of dance crew. We wow people with creativity. We are looking to film a music video for the 'bad blood' dance. It is easy to catch and people can view the videos on our YouTube Card Unit page," he said.

Cash Diamond is booked for shows on March 18 in Miami and May 13 in New York. Card Unit has also created a hashtag called #badblooddance, which will bring Internet fans closer to all their posts about the choreography.

The award-winning dance crew is also a nominee in the Dance Crew category for this year's Youth View Awards.

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