My Confession : My side chick's money took care of my babymother and kids

January 27, 2017

STAR, the other day I got a call from a girl that me used to deal with from back inna the days, and it brought back so many memories. That girl was one of the realest girls me eva deal wid.

Mi will call her 'Abby'. One day she come to my workplace to sort out a matter, and she had to give me her number as part of the procedure.

Although it was against the workplace policy, mi still copy the number and link her because she did a show me a nice piece a vibes. To add pon that, she sexy bad and she nuh dunce.

Me did already have mi babymother and twin sons at the time, so me neva intend fi things get serious between me and Abby. Mi just did want to 'touch' her one or two times, but before mi know it, we a touch regular.

Mi mek her know from the start that mi have mi family, but she neva mind because she did have a man, too.

It wasn't just the touching though, she was very good to me. She buy me really nice things wah my woman neva give me yet. One birthday, she spend $30,000 pon a watch fi mi. All now me have it.

Especially when me lose me job, she send on crazy money fi me send me kids to school and buy food to stock out mi woman house. Mi woman neva even question where me a get the money from when mi neva did a work.

Eventually, Abby find a foreign man and marry, then migrate. Mi frighten when me see she call me the other day and remind me about them good old days deh. A so side chick fi stay.

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