Fast & Curious : Holding a vibes

January 30, 2017

Hey Fass and Curious peeps what a gwan!?

There's nothing like sitting down and catching up with old friends but what's nicer is when you and a group of people you never met can sit and have conversations about past experiences and 'kiki-kaka' over it like you grew up in the same family.

That is just crazy! I was sitting with total strangers but it felt like I was with my family in a "yuh remember when" moment.

"Hey I remember when I used to get beating, mommy did have a special belt and yuh better not touch it any other time except when she a murder yuh with it!"

This came from the main talker of the bunch.

There is always that one that talks more than everyone else and has more tales to tell. The people around the table never seem to mind as we all laughed every time he said something. He was quite entertaining.

I jumped in. "That was nothing we used to hide our granny beating belt until she got a piece of tyre. When one person did something everyone feel it in the night after we went to bed."

Laughter erupted. Someone else threw in, "My mother used to save up the beating and then you get one good one! Dis a fi when you did do dis, dis a fi dat as di lick dem reach yuh!" LMAO!

"That was my grandfather. He didn't say a lot. He would save them up and give you a year supply at once. My grandmother on the other hand; anywhere you did the crime you pay the time," I said.

The main speaker had the floor again, "Hey dem pickney yah now-a-days a get weh wid murder star. Dem nah live no life. All foreign pickney bout dem a slam room door!"

One guy gave out "My mother she always bang down the door ... You paying rent in here? Boy open the door!"




"When I build my house, no doors gonna be on the inside. Lock which door?!" You don't have to guess who said that. The man of the hour! Everyone was rolling. The way he talks with all the dramatics, we just had to laugh.

There was talk of the games we used to play at school like 10n bruk, grabs and even purple touch LOL! We talked about our past teachers and I recalled one.

"I remember in second grade our science teacher was from Cuba and one day we weren't paying attention and she said, 'Girls foc-us'. Of course it sounded like something else and the whole class was scrambling with laughter. The poor teacher cried and left the classroom."

I did this with my best Spanglish impersonation voice and everyone was dying with laughter.

This all goes to show how rich our culture is or was since dem say dem yah pickney nowadays nuh know storm LOL!

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