STAR of the Month : Bob should be a national hero

February 02, 2017
Bob Marley
Bob Marley
Bob Marley
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

As Reggae Month kicks off,  The Star of The Month, Devin Di Dackta  said he believes Bob Marley deserves greater recognition for what he has done for the genre, Jamaica, and the world though his music.

“Bob Marley is a true king and him fi get a crown,” Devin reasoned, adding that he supports the age old call for Bob Marley to be given the highest honour in the country, the Order of National Hero.

“Bob is an inspiration because he was the first to make Reggae be known that much. Me even a look pon some things the other day on the Internet, like some people wha no know nothing name English, and them a sing ‘One Love’ word fi word.  Nothing bout that no normal,” Devin marvelled.

Among the things the St Mary native said he admires greatly, is Bob’s mesmerising stage presence.

“I love his performances fi sure. He has such a strong stage presence, like him just get inna spirit sometimes. Mi like see that. It make me catch pure goose bumps, that’s something I really love about him. Also, his messages are solid.”

Like the King of Reggae, Devin said he believes he commands the stage well as it is his favourite aspect of being a performing artiste. 

“Mi like perform and look pon people and see say them understand. I heard Agent Sasco saying, you nuh DJ fi ‘forward’ [praise], you DJ fi move forward. Sometimes I’m performing, and when me look in the people them face, them maybe nah jump up but I can see that they are truly enjoying themselves.”

Though he is popularly know as a dancehall act, Devin told THE STAR that he considers himself an old soul who truly enjoys reggae music. His favourite of Bob’s masterpieces is ‘No Woman, No Cry’ because he loves the women in his life.

“Me no love see any woman cry. Me have me mother, three sisters, five nieces, and a grand niece. If them just text me and them no sound happy, me just get sad. Mi no like see woman cry none at all. I even have a song named Beautiful. Me love woman,” Devin shared. 

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