My Confession: I lost my virginity over a stupid bet


February 03, 2017

From mi young mi mother tell me say mi virginity a something wah special and mi must save it fi mi husband. That was my plan and mi keep it sacred. No matter who beg mi and no matter how mi friend them tell mi say mi must start have sex like them, mi neva budge.

That was up until I was 16 years old when I met a guy named Mark. I don't know what it was about him, but I was head over heels for him. Him very cute, and he was one of them hot boys in the town that could get any girl him want.

So, when he came over to me in my big, long uniform, and tell mi say him like me, mi tun fool same time. Him neva even ask mi fi mi number, but mi back it out fast and tell him fi call me.

He waited a few days to call me, and when he finally did, he told me that he was hesitant in calling because he liked me so much and was shy. All these things made me fall fi him immediately, not knowing it was just a game.

Eventually, we became a 'couple', but I didn't get to see him much because my family was strict.

I knew there was a lot of competition from other girls so I wanted to 'spice' things up to keep him.

One day he was watching football and I told him that if his team won, I would give him my virginity the next time I saw him.

To be honest, I was just joking. But he got upset when I went to look for him and didn't want to have sex with him like I promised, so I gave in. I'm so ashamed of it now because he was just using me.

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