Fass & Curious : Trump is on everybody's lips

February 06, 2017
President Donald Trump

My people! My people! My 'pupils', is what really a gwaan inna Jamdung yah!? No, somebody tell me because I think my eyes are deceiving me. What is this unnecessary violence against women and kids for? As a matter a fact, why unuh a kill off each other? Since unuh feel strong and mighty, why unuh nuh go volunteer fi help Trump build him wall? Unuh might get a visa? Woooooie! If I laugh, a weak. But seriously though, mi haffi tek bad things mek joke because Jamaica too hot right now, and I'm not talking bout the heat!

Talking about Mr Trump, he seems to be the most trending topic right now. Every corner my ears turn, him name a call by one and all, and lawd, the conversation dem juicy!

"Trump forget say is bare immigrants build America!," one woman said. 

One man cry out, saying, "But memba say him goodly a do it too fi people start misbehave so him can act pon dat to!"

An elderly man wasn't missing out on the action. "That's why you must know what you getting yuhself into!," he said.

Another lady agreed with him, saying, "Exactly, because this man did talk from how much years ago say if him run what and what him a go do. Nobody took him serious. Now look deh!"

The elderly man continued,  "Yuh haffi know what yuh getting yuhself into man because the first time I go Half-Way Tree lock up from back when, I remember sitting in the cell like, 'What is dis me get miself into?' I never go back again because if I did think from before I wouldn't be in there in di first place!"

Another woman who was lacking in information joined the conversation, saying, "But him nuh did run already and lose?"

"No dear, is the first him running!," a woman answered.

"Of course, him run against Obama and lose!," the other woman insisted.

In my head I'm like, 'why she asking if she so certain though?'

They talked about every little thing, and I wondered if they knew what was happening over on the Jamaican scene. In all fairness, I shouldn't judge because Trump mek me tune in to world news like ticks on a cow! Lol! Unuh tek care yah, and be vigilant everywhere you go! 



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