STAR of the Month : 'I am not afraid to clash' - Devin Di Dakta believes he can beat any deejay

February 06, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Ninja Man
Devin Di Dakta

STAR of the Month Devin Di Dakta might be known for his songs geared at females, however, the Grammy-nominated deejay is, in fact, a huge fan of clashing.

He even believes he can defeat legendary clash veteran Ninja Man if the two ever competed.

Devin revealed that he has been clashing with artistes since high school, and has an excellent record.

"Mi never really lose a clash, except once when an old man beat mi. I never expected it because he was old and I underestimated him," he said.

"I love clash and I will always clash. Mi just nuh ready yet. One day, my head will tek me and I will clash somebody," he added.

He said these days, he doesn't see anybody to clash with because "everybody is singing the same thing".

The artiste also boasted that he had a colourful clash resumÈ.

"If somebody wants to clash mi, I am ready, but I don't really see anybody. Ninja Man dem a old days, and the amount of war songs I have, I don't even have to freestyle," he said confidently.

"The first time I clash, I was in the cadet, and I clashed the schools in the battalion, which amounted to about six artistes. Mi one kill dem off and that was nice."

Devin also criticised local artistes for their habit of starting lyrical feuds then shying away from lyrical confrontations.

"They don't have the talent and they have people boosting them. But within themselves, they know that they don't have the talent to stand on stage. They are intimidated by people like Ninja Man, who will step to the challenge. But a people like Ninja Man mi wah hol'," he said.

Devin said many of the performers are just recording artistes who are good in the studio, but not on the stage.

"Dem nuh sound good live, and dem identify dat and dem nuh wah flop. But in contrast to that, mi nuh fraid fi lose," he said.

He also believes recording artistes ought to be blamed for the lack of support for live shows such as Sting.

"The clash culture a lame out because they just want to go to studio to do a bag of songs or they want to war you physically. That is what causes even sponsors to stop sponsoring the shows, and mi nuh blame them either because dem a secure dem brand," he said.

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