STAR of the Month : Devin credits parents' support for success

February 08, 2017
Devin Di Dakta performing at Redemption Live held in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew on Sunday.
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta's father, Anthony Escoffery Clarke.
Devin Di Dakta's mother, Gwendolyn Clarke.


While our STAR of the Month admires artistes such as the legendary Bob Marley, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, he considers his parents, particularly his father, as his heroes.

The entertainer also told THE STAR that with February being celebrated as Black History Month, he is happy to have his parents as strong black figures in his life.

According to Devin Di Dakta, they have been integral in moulding the strong black man he has become today.

"Mi father and mi mother a my heroes. When it comes to Black History Month a dem. Right through everything a dem. They are strong black people," he said.

Devin Di Dakta said his father, Anthony Escoffery Clarke, instilled in him the virtue of hard-work, a trait which he said has been embedded in his DNA.


Live-wire entertainer


Devin Di Dakta was born to Anthony and Gwendolyn Clarke in Highgate, St Mary, 21 years ago.

"Mi father used to sell soup, and so people never used to call me Devin, dem call me soupy because me used to help him and me accept the name. More while mi haffi push the cart a morning time," he said.

The live-wire entertainer said his father is one of his biggest fans and was one of his main supporters when he decided to pursue a career in music.

"If me say me want to fly me father go get a pair a wing," the Grammy-nominated artiste told THE STAR.

"Anything inna di world me a go do, once it is obeying the law, him good. Him a mi biggest fan," said Devin while explaining that it was his father that taught him that image isn't everything and that he should allow his talent to speak for itself.

"One time me used to love dress up enuh. When me say love dress up, Ranch and Italian nuh have nothing pan me. And me father look pon me one day and say, 'man yuh love dress up too much man, just deejay'."

He said he father further advised: "Put on any clothes and go pon di stage and deejay and see if the people dem love you same way."

"Me do dat and me see say people start accept me fi me and my talent and not just what me have on," Devin Di Dakta said.

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