Real Talk : Devin Di Dakta explores relationships and Grammy nomination

February 09, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta (right) accepts his cheque from Sophia Bernard-Fairman after being crowned.

It's a new year, and we're kicking off 2017 with our STAR of the Month, Devin Di Dakta. Having just been nominated for a Grammy Award, Devin invited THE STAR to his chill spot to talk about his journey, his dreams and his lifestyle.

Grab a chair, and be prepared for things to get very real.

STAR: How did you come up with your slang 'Boomshallazumgoshman'?

Devin: I had a brother who passed away, and his slang was 'Boomgoshman' and as the little yute round him, me use to say, 'Boomshalla', so when he passed out in 2004, I merged both of them in one.

STAR: Is Devin single?

Devin: *laughs* No man, mi have a girlfriend.

STAR: What does a young lady have to do to impress you?

Devin: Just basically, be yourself, be smart. She must be educated. Mi nuh have a problem wid make up...but...just use a likkle bit. You haffi love music.

STAR: How important are talent competitions?

Devin: Talent competitions are necessary. For example, Magnum Kings and Queens gimme a priceless opportunity, one that you can't even pay for. Things like that me really appreciate. Mi really support any talent competition. Especially when it's gonna be live or featured in the newspaper.

STAR: You won a million dollars from Magnum, what did you use it on?

Devin: Mi get a place in Kingston. Mi not even buy anything for myself. At that time, mi realise say mi music career just a go start. When yuh inna country yuh nuh get certain things, so mi just get a place here. That was the main thing I spent my money on. Making sure that I was comfortable.

STAR: Do you have a local celeb crush?

Devin: Mi celebrity crush go married pon mi. Mi love Denyque. Her voice is superb. Alaine too, but Denyque a my favourite.

STAR: What would a day with Devin be like?

Devin: It depends on the day, but is mostly music right through. I normally just write, just take up a book and write. Mi nuh really watch TV a lot. Mi like cook too and swim. Mi nuh really the out a road type a person.

STAR: How has your life changed since being nominated for a Grammy?

Devin: Since the Grammy nomination, on YouTube, songs that I've done like three years ago, a lot of persons are commenting now. I always read my comments. People commenting and saying, 'da yute ya bad eeh'. But the song did bad from dem time deh. But it shows me that people are now listening and a dat me did want. I give thanks for it.

STAR: What are you most looking forward to take away from the Grammy experience?

Devin: Apart from winning the award, one of the main things I am looking forward to is rubbing shoulders with people from the music industry, for example John Legend, Cain Smokers, Calvin Harris, etc. Just being able to experience that means a lot to me. Who knows? Maybe you'll even hear me on a track with one of them. We a go make links.

Join us for Part two of Real Talk with Devin Di Dakta. We promise to keep it real.

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