Dancers' Paradise : Spider Touch dance shocks viewers

February 10, 2017
Destiny Q.O.P (top) and Out and Bad Tash.

Newly released dance move the Spider Touch has been met with mixed reactions from dancehall fans.

While some fans are amused by the level of creativity employed by Montego Bay-based dancer Out and Bad Tash to create the choreography, there are those who think the dance is too taboo for the dancehall scene.

The Spider Touch dance is currently viral on social media and has also garnered the attention of several comedians, who have made commentary videos cracking jokes about the dance.

The dance invites female dancers to squat with their thighs over the arms as they mimic the shape of a spider.




The homemade promotional video for the dance and song quickly blew up online after comedians Kevin2workrayzee and Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey decided to feature the dance on their pages.

"Dem type a dancing yah a guh mek Donald Trump come back fi him likkle visa. Unno fi know weh unno a do enuh people," Kevin2workrayzee joked.

"When new dances are introduced into the dancehall, they fall into three categories: easy, medium and professional. This one falls into the category of 'weh di r**s' because any dance weh yu a do and it cause yu neck string fi a stand up and yu haffi a bite yu lip, it's not an easy dance."


He said the dance should not come as any surprise as Jamaicans already have Cow Foot and Walk Like A Dog.

"Once again, it reinforces the fact that Jamaicans have a dance move for almost anything, and at this rate, we will have a dance for every animal of the alphabet," he said.

However, deejay Destiny Q.O.P who created the Spider Touch song, said she is excited that the dance has generated attention. She also said she is not affected by the negative publicity.

"I am very surprised and very excited because I didn't expect it to take off that much. Tash told me that Shebada had shared it and it quickly went to over 400,000 views and people have been tagging me that others are uploading it on Instagram," she said.

Destiny said the backlash comes with the territory because the dance is different.

"People are going to talk, but it's better to be talked about than ignored. They are now starting to see Tash as a dancer, so it's great. You have to be different in dancehall," she said.

As for Out and Bad Tash, she said is feeling happy and wonderful because she has been waiting almost five years to get her dance on the road.

"I have created other dances and didn't taste success because other people run wid it. So I am enjoying every moment of this because it's been a long time," she said.

A video for Spider Touch will be released in coming weeks.

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