My Confession : I used obeah tricks to scare thieves

February 10, 2017

STAR, I come from a very poor family in St Thomas, and they did their best to send me to college.

They were very excited for me because I was the first one out of the family to reach that far, so they would send up loads of food for me to ensure I was never hungry.

From ground provisions to chicken, fruits, snacks and juice, they sent everything they could for me.

But those times they didn't allow us to have our own fridge in the rooms and I couldn't afford one, anyway, so I had to put my things in the main fridge that everybody shared.

Me, like a big idiot, stock out everything on the shelves, me Grace jumbo franks, cow's milk, fruit punch, and eggs.

I was very busy for the first couple of days, so mi neva get fi check pon me things dem much, until me get the chance fi make breakfast and see say dem thief out me things. Dem leave only one egg, half bottle a milk, and everything else well eat out.

Mi so frighten and upset at the same time, me start cry. Then me call me 'mad head' auntie who always have a solution.

She tell me that me must put the rest of things in a clear bag so it still attract the thief dem. Then inside the bag, me put a small dolly with the face mark up, a small bottle of oil and label it 'thief catcher' then put a note saying, "Me come from St Thomas, obeah parish, no touch me things."

The plan worked like a charm because from that, nobody thief from me. And me realise say a particular group of girls always a talk say me a obeah worker, so me know exactly who the culprits were.

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