STAR of the Month : Devin bats for better lyrical content from artistes

February 16, 2017
Devin Di Dakta

STAR of the Month Devin Di Dakta says he wants to write more music that can appeal to the international market.

The deejay also advises other recording artistes to strengthen their education so that they can write better music. He said if artistes are uneducated, their songs can still do well, but "sensible people will not like your music after a period of time.

"At first they will say it's bad (meaning good), but as they get more mature they will not take you seriously. People tend to be more loyal to sensible music than the boogooyagga. That is why dancehall is regarded as foolishness a lot of times," he said.

The deejay even said he listens to more international music than dancehall because he prefers deeper content.

"The rap songs I listen to have lyrics, but a lot of times dancehall content is too watered down. Get some educated lyrics, man, because the younger people are getting more and more smart and they will realise that dancehall does not have the type of lyrics to motivate them ... so they will switch to other genres. People don't want to hear ABC as they mature," he said.

Devin believes artistes have underestimated the intelligence of the dancehall fan base.

He also thinks artistes should spend the extra time and literally put pen to paper and write their songs, instead of opting to mime their lines in the studio.




"Some of them, the first thing that come to their head they sing it, and that is usually where the ABC come een," he said. "I used to freestyle like that, but now I have been focusing on writing. Right now mi a write some pop-type music, those songs are not normal to write. So, like Ed Sheeran and dem type of music deh are more challenging to write."

He said dancehall fans are forced to accept everything they hear on a rhythm, "but I have been listening to people like Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers, Daft Punk and those people. Reggae will always be my first love, but I want to dabble in other genres".

Devin also said his Grammy nomination played no role in his appreciation for international music.

"Mi stay suh long time. Mi always like fi listen dem songs deh but since lately, mi start practise how fi write it. All who feel that this mindset is selling out, a some stadium mi a guh sell out," he said.

"Nobody ever said no particular genre of music belongs to any one person. I want to be known as a reggae artiste, but I want to do other genres as well." he added.

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