Dancers' Paradise : Dadre Coleman launches dance competition

February 17, 2017
Dadre Coleman
Dadre Coleman

Boosted by the popularity of her dance single, 'Designer Wine', soca and dancehall artiste Dadre Coleman has launched a dance competition that is open to all dancehall girls.

The dance and song have been released more than a year ago and has won the attention of dancehall and soca fans in several Caribbean countries because of its suggestive content and the fact that it sparked a trend where buxom young ladies prance all over the dance showing their favourite whining skills.

To enter the competition, dancers are required to email a one-minute long video to showing their own interpretation of the 'Designer Wine'. The dance competition will end on March 31, and the winner will be decided based on the number of views received on social media.

"When the videos are sent to me, I will upload them to my Instagram page, @dadrecolemanmusic. Then my fans will be able to view and share who they believe should be the winner. I am expecting it to be very exciting because the Caribbean nuh short of big-bumpa girls who love to show off their skills. We are creative people, and that is even why I called this dance Designer Wine because it is about your creativity as fans," she said.




Coleman also said that the song has been getting a lot of rotation, especially since the carnival season is picking up momentum.

"I try to mix my dancehall with soca always, and right now, this dancing song is doing so well in the Caribbean, and I am very grateful for that. Hopefully, this dance competition will put the record in more households in time for the carnival season because we all know that time of the year is all about the females and their dancing skills. Also, if persons want a good-quality version of the song, you can email me and request that as well," she said.

The winner of the Designer Wine dance competition will walk away with US$200.

"We have to be creative in this music industry, and that is why I decided to come up with this challenge. I mean, other people have done it, but this one is unique," she said.

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