STAR of the Month - Sing better songs - Devin Di Dakta urges artistes to do lyrics with substance

February 17, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta


Devin Di Dakta is encouraging his fellow dancehall artistes to put more thought into their music and come up with more 'educated songs'.

The STAR of the Month was speaking in a recent interview where he said that dancehall isn't being taken as a serious genre and blames this on the poorly constructed songs being produced by up-and-coming artistes.

"As artistes, we need to get some more educated lyrics because the younger people dem a get smart from them young. When them older them a go realise seh dancehall music nuh have the type a lyrics fi really motivate them and make them do good things, and them a go turn to other genres for inspiration," he said.

"Then people a go wonder why dancehall nah go nowhere, and dem a go realise is because the artiste dem nah sing nutten wid sense weh fi really hold the people and motivate them."


Smart people


When asked if he deliberately writes to meet the standards set in the market, the entertainer said, "Sometimes, but I think about the future and mi think say people a grow. Dem nah get young."

"But sometimes, with like the chorus, you write it in a way weh people can catch on, but inna the verses yuh haffi go hard. Sometimes mi write a song and me friend dem say, 'dat too hard fi understand, but me say, 'no, smart people deh bout'."

Devin Di Dakta said that dancehall can get to the level of several other genres, including rap and hip-hop. He said, however, that artistes need to take the time to hone their talent by constructing proper lyrics.

"Dem just need fi take the time fi write. Nuff a dem just sing wah come to dem mind and the ABC lyrics nah work," he said.

The Grammy-nominated singer explained that it also takes a natural love for writing to create songs with substance.

"Me just love writing. I have books upon books of songs because I just sit down and write about anything, and that's what's missing with a lot of these artistes - the love for writing," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

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