Corporate Hands: Scotiabank makes teachers feel special

February 20, 2017
Denham Town principal Eugenny Brown (left), expresses her delight after receiving a Valentine's Day gift from the Scotiabank team. Here she poses with 'Scotiabankers', Yanique Forbes Patrick (centre) and Hope McMillan Canaan.
Teachers from Denham Town Primary excitedly show off the surprise Valentine gifts they received from Scotiabank's vice-president marketing, Yanique Forbes Patrick (front row, second right). Scotiabank had used the opportunity of Valentine's Day to surprise the teachers at the school with candy and balloons. Also pictured is Candy Craze's Melanie Levy (front row, right), supplier of the gifts and former Scotia Vision Achiever participant.

First, there were looks of consternation, and then the sounds of joyous laughter as the Denham Town Primary School teachers reacted to the Valentine surprise orchestrated by Scotiabank.

Beautifully wrapped packages of candy, along with red helium balloons, were presented to all the teachers as Scotiabank expressed their appreciation.

The team made their way through the school, surprising some teachers in classrooms and others on the staircase.

"We know how tough it can be in the classroom, and we wanted a way to express our appreciation to teachers who always give so much of themselves. This was an opportunity for us to brighten their day," said Yanique Forbes Patrick, vice-president, marketing, Scotiabank.

Principal of the school, Eugenney Brown, expressed her delight at the recognition.

"Most of the time we are forgotten here at Denham Town Primary", she said. "But Scotiabank has made our day. We had given to the children earlier, and now Scotiabank has given back to us. Thank you, Scotiabank."

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