STAR of the Month : Devin working on new project ... targets international audience

February 20, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta rehearsing in the studio before Redemption Live.

STAR of the Month Devin Di Dakta is already working on another project following his failure to nab the Grammy award ahead of veteran reggae artiste Ziggy Marley.

According to the youngster, his follow up project is an EP titled 'I Am Escoffery' and will see him exploring other sounds outside of the usual dancehall and reggae.

"I have a next EP but that one has more dancehall, EDM and trap music kind of vibe ... I want to have a Jamaican side, a US side and an African side to my music," he said.

His manager, Shelly Curran, also interjected to explain that Devin was focused on the international market.

"We are only about three million (referring to the estimated Jamaican population) and the world is such a big place to only direct the music to one set of people," she said.

The title for the EP will be the name of his unborn son, when he does decides to have a child with his partner.

Aside from working on new projects, Devin also noted that he was trying to focus more on the actual music, instead of gimmicks to gain attention.

This approach, he revealed, was inspired by a conversation he had with his father.

"I used to love dress up and one day my father looked at me and said 'man yu dress up too much man. Just put on any clothes and go on stage and deejay one day and see if the people will love you'. I followed his idea and then I realised that people began to accept me more for who I was and my talent instead of what I was wearing," he said.

Devin might not have won the Grammy award, however he was recently awarded a medal by the Grammy society for his nomination.

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