STAR of the Month : Chef 'Scoffery - Devin Di Dakta serves stewed chicken

February 22, 2017
Devin's manager, Shelly Curran, was quick to cut into and taste the stewed chicken.
Devin shows off his plated dish.
Devin seems pleased with his work after opening the hot pot.
Devin removes the fried chicken from the pot.
Devin is rather animated as he prepares his carrots.
The concentration was deep as Devin diced the onions.
For Devin, seasoning the chicken is very important.

Declaring himself ‘Chef 'Scoffery’ well before he even got his ingredients together, Grammy-nominated artiste Devin Di Dakta told THE STAR team to be prepared to be blown away by his outstanding culinary skills.

"Escoffery stewed chicken with some country food" was all Devin Anthony Escoffery Clarke ordered and served.

The man from Highgate, St Mary, is not a fan of rice. He prefers ground provisions — some good ole' yam, banana and sweet potato.

With his chicken already cleaned, our STAR of the Month proceeded to season his meat. He then placed the chicken into a bowl with water and proceeded to work his magic.

“One time me see mi father a season up chicken and mi just a watch him. Mi realise say him season up him chicken inna water, and me never ask him why or nothing, me just follow him. Unuh soon see why,” he said. 

Seasoned overnight

He then diced his onions, garlic and carrots before adding his powdered seasoning. Using his hands to massage the seasoning into the meat, the artiste added the soy sauce to the mix to give the chicken the customary brown colouring.

As he put his pot with oil on the stove, he told the team that had the chicken been seasoned overnight, it would have had enough time to marinate. 

And as if trying to convince the team that he really knew his way around the kitchen, Devin made sure to engage the team in a bit of culinary small talk, using words that made him look like more than just a beginner.

After putting the chicken to fry for a bit, the entertainer began preparing his ground provisions.

He bragged and boasted about being a ‘pro’ in the kitchen, but the STAR of the Month was forced to admit to being the opposite; at least when it came to peeling green bananas.

“See di laughing part yah,” he explained. “As mi a boast seh me a countryman, would you believe seh dis countryman a 21 and still can’t peel banana good (laughs). Di knife dull, a dat a mi excuse,” he said.

Suffice to say, he just cut away at the bananas until they were peeled. It wasn’t as bad as expected though, and he had better luck with the potatoes and the yam.

The pot with water had already started to boil, and so by the time he was done peeling his ground provisions, it was all systems go for ‘the food pot’.

Turning his attention to the chicken just in time to take the pieces out of the oil, Devin was ready to explain why he seasoned the chicken in water as he proceeded to add the finishing touches to his meal.

“You remember this, me water and thing,” he said as he switched pots to finish up the stewing process.

“All me do now a just throw it in and add me chicken and make it gwaan cook down.”

When the stew came to a boil, the entertainer added some ketchup for thickening. Tasting to ensure that the stew was ready, a satisfied Devin turned off the stove and prepared for the final presentation.

As he plated his meal, he called on his manager Shelly Curran to do a taste test. With two thumbs up, his manager gave the meal a pass.


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