Dancers' Paradise : 'Hero Dance' gaining momentum

February 24, 2017
Black Mattic
Facebook Hero
Dancer Marvin The Beast

Dancehall artiste Black Mattic is pleased with the success of his dance song 'Hero Dance' which features social media sensation Facebook Hero and popular dancer Marvin Di Beast.

"People love the song and they find the collaboration unique. They love the concept of the video and the comical aspect, so I have been getting good reviews," he said.

Black Mattic also said the Hero Dance has been creating a buzz in Japan.

"It has been getting good responses in Japan, Europe and other strong dancehall markets. We are now leaping into America and the school students in Jamaica are also supporting it," he said.

This is the first dance-oriented song for Black Mattic, who is now working with ZJ Elektra to take his music to new heights.

"It's good to make a dance song and see the dancers dancing and enjoying themselves. I am a versatile artiste, so it didn't take much to come out of my comfort zone," he said. Black Mattic said dancing is very important to the culture of dancehall.

"A lot of dancers like Bogle, John Hype and other dancers did their thing and it helped to develop the culture, and now we have several dance crews within the country and overseas," he said.

Black Mattic has been working on a new album which will be called Press Play. The project will also feature the Hero Dance among other records.

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