My Confession : I stopped liking a girl because she 'smelt' a duppy

February 24, 2017

STAR, a few years ago me used to like off this girl, and she did like me, too, so we started hanging out to see what could happen between us. The few times we linked up was all right. She seemed really cool, and we both had a good time. Nothing strange happened, until one night she call me outta mi bed, saying she want me to follow her down the road.

Me neva wah go, but me did really like her, so me a try do everything fi she finally give me a chance to be her man.

On this particular night, we were there walking and talking normal until we reach near to a church. Me only see when she stop suddenly and start sniff the air like she smell something horrible. Mi start feel a way inna miself, and a wonder if me arm smell 'green', because me neva bathe before me go link her.

Then she ask, "You smell that?" I told her no, because mi couldn't smell anything, plus the night did cold, so mi nose did stuff up.

All of a sudden she say, "You nuh smell the duppy?" At first, me start laugh and think a joke she a mek, until she start run round the church shouting in tongues at the duppy that she claim she smell.

That's when me realise she serious. Me neva fraid so inna mi life before that night. Honest to God, me run leff her down there, because me a call to her and she only a speak inna tongues.

The next day she come look fi me and apologise. It take me a while fi get ova the fright, but we a still good friends now.

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