Roads in ruins : Good roads could give Bloxburgh a rebirth

February 24, 2017
Residents of Bloxburgh in East Rural St Andrew are bitter about the state of their roads. They are convinced the cummunity has the worst roads in Jamaica and want the authorities to step up and have them fixed.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Stephen Robinson, and I am from a community in East Rural St Andrew called Bloxburgh, where the roads have been deplorable since 2000.

We have over the years written, called, and also visited the offices of our local councillor, the member of parliament and also tried The Office of the Prime Minister. Now we have another political party in power and we are getting the same treatment - silence and promises.

The vehicles that do venture to take the residents to and from Bloxburgh have over the years dwindled from 10 to three, and that does say something about the roads and their conditions.

The rehabilitation of the road to Bloxburgh is a well-needed venture, as without a good road it makes life very hard for the community. We need your help to accomplish the completion of the said road.

Stephen Robinson

Bloxburgh Mission Forward Foundation

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