STAR of the Month : Focus on music, not the hype — Devin Di Dakta

February 24, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Devin Di Dakta

Devin Di Dakta is encouraging his fellow entertainers to place less focus on the hype surrounding music, but channel all their energies into moving forward and honing their craft.

The young deejay explained that entertainers are often times so caught up with the possibility of fame that they fail to enjoy the journey that helps to mould them into rounded artistes.

"Mi hear Agent Sasco say a thing one time and me never forget it. Yuh nuh deejay fi forward, yuh deejay fi move forward," he said explaining that an entertainer's main concern should be about reaching the masses.

"Some a di time mi a perform and when mi look inna di people dem face, dem maybe nah jump up enuh, but yuh see it seh dem a enjoy themselves. That mean more to me than even the man weh a jump up because sometime di people dem weh a jump up, dem nuh understand and dem not even a hear me. Dem just like me."

Devin explained that while the hype gives deejays a high that they appreciate as entertainers, artistes should be thinking ahead to see how they can translate that hype into a sustainable career.

"I've been thinking about the business from the get-go and since me meet Shelly that kick it up a notch," he said.

"She has been in corporate a long time. When it comes to business dat a me, so mi always have corporate in mind and that's why me kinda ease down on the clashing thing."

He said that while clashing is a healthy part of dancehall culture, it should not be the only thing artistes focus on, as they need to have something to fall back on after the dust is settled and a winner is declared.

"Me did live fi clash, a did just clash," he said. "If somebody wah clash me will clash cause me still have me eye pan couple people weh mi wah knock, but we affi appeal to corporate too."

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