Fass & Curious : Ole time sinting come back again

February 27, 2017
In this file 2006 photo a St Thomas farmer, Mr Notice, is seen making his way through Morant Bay with a licence plates fitted on the front and back of his donkey's hamper.

It always gives me so much joy to go down memory lane because it mek mi feel ole and important. Important because I was a part of something good before everything pwile. Part of me still wish I was in the old golden days.

What a gwaan me people!? How did you spend Jamaica Day!? Unuh write and tell me stargossipchica@gmail.com. Also share with me what was your favourite pastime!

Jamaica Day for me was full of excitement. First, I went to the Bob Marley Museum. That was the start of my very nostalgic day, which ended at Genesis Academy on South Camp Road in St Andrew. Breh-breh, I had a front-row seat while I enjoyed drums from their JCDC national silver medal finalists. I saw sign language and dance pieces, skits, and so much more. Teachers and parents were very active, and they were very engaged in the activities. My favourite part was when the MC took the patrons down memory lane with a game called 'I Remember'. It was so befitting, since the theme was 'Ole Time Sinting Come Back Again!'

I started out by saying, "I remember when my granny used to leave us to clean and we pull each other on the mop. I also remember shining the floor with coconut brush!" Who memba dat!? Seriously, if yuh never got pulled on a mop around the house, yuh never live no life as a child or yuh did rich!

Others shared theirs. One person said, "Me remember ice box!" Of course, I had to ask what that was. A man explained, saying, "Back in the days when yuh never have fridge, yuh buy the ice from the truck, put it in the box and turn it upside down. We would put juice and stuff in it to cool too." A lady close by had a much more detailed description, but tenk God me granny did have fridge.

Two persons remembered the cold-stove iron, while others remembered games like dandy shandy, jacks, Chiney skip, and so forth. The mention of technology was a must. They talked about standing in long lines at phone booths and then how people started having the 'fridge phones'. That one had the room cracking up. One woman said, "I remember the phone you put your finger in and spin to make calls, and it could lock up with padlock so I couldn't use it and talk long!" They talked of JBC, and how TV used to sign off. Bwoy, we come a long way, eeh!!?

Almost everyone had something to say, so it went on for awhile. I just a wonder how nobody never remember di blouse and skirt lick dem weh we used to get. Unuh walk good yah!

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