Bounty Killer is STAR of the Month for March

March 02, 2017
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer


STAR of the Month, Bounty Killer, was voted Guinness' Greatest Dancehall icon in 2012.

He will go down in history as a man who dedicated much of his career to artiste development, through his role in bringing to the forefront some of dancehall and reggae's biggest contemporary stars.

The icon is also featured on two Grammy-winning projects.

However regardless of his many accolades, Bounty Killer will always be seen as 'Miss Ivy's son', due to the love which he publicly showed for his late mother during his over 20-year, successful career in the music industry.

Bounty Killer is known for his rare, yet often pulsating media interviews. His voice is often mimicked but never truly duplicated and often sets the standard for dancehall enthusiasts.

For the entire month of March, fans will get the rare opportunity to get into the artiste's personal life as he reveals exclusive aspects of his career, goals and development to the pubic via THE STAR, the people's paper.

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