Fass & Curious : Star boy holds show at ransom

March 06, 2017

What a gwan pon unuh endz? Mi say, one piece a drama dung a country wah day yah! Talk about being at the right place at the right time. That was your girl, Gossip Chica!

I was at an event being held in the St Catherine community recently. Before the show ended, the young lady responsible for paying the cast came to issue envelopes with the money inside. Some were comfortable with theirs and just tucked it away without even checking. But Starboy was far from satisfied, and all hell broke loose.

If you know anything about showbiz, one thing you learn quickly is that no matter what, the show must go on.

The young man called the girl outside the room, but it was pointless as everyone inside the changing room could still hear what was going on.

"What is this? Carry back this and tell the boss it short and I am not accepting it. Him too out of order. How him fi a send dis come give me? Him cya treat me like regular sumady, me nah tek dis!"

The poor girl didn't know what to say as he started going off. Me, wid my nuff self, went to try to put some calm to the situation. However, that only made matters worse, as he stormed outside and was on the top of his voice in his tantrum rage.

"Don't say anything to me, because a long time this a gwan and me a talk 'bout it. Him bright, me nah accept this."

He was adamant that he wasn't going on stage. The woman who was onstage waiting on him came off stage, asking what happen. She was frantic not knowing what to do! I told her to go and do something to entertain the people because the show can't stop.

I went back outside to tell Starboy to calm down because it didn't sound good and it was getting loud inside. By now, the boss was there trying to talk things down, but it was still not going well.

Star boy was upset about the amount of money he received, and also over the fact that his pay reflected some deductions.

My takeaway from the situation is that Star boy could have dealt with the situation in a professional way.

Unuh walk good, yah!!


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