STAR of the Month : Bounty Killer never recognised deejaying talent

March 08, 2017
Bounty Killer

Our STAR of the Month is the 'five star general' himself, Bounty Killer. He has cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with in the dancehall fraternity and has managed to maintain a strong presence since getting his big break in the 90s.

However, despite being one of the most sought after deejays to break out of the dancehall space to the point where his style and sound has been copied by many artistes over the years, the veteran deejay told THE STAR that at first he never recognised he had the talent to become a deejay.

"I never even recognised that I had a talent. It was just the thing in the ghetto back inna di days fi deejay. Back then, everybody had a component set and music was being played every day. Sound system use to string up from in the day and play until the next day, and deejays used to just come and deejay. So, it was right there next to you so it just came natural," he said.

Bounty Killer explained that in some ways his talent found him, as he was always attracting attention by telling stories and somehow managed to translate that into a successful music career.

"Some a my fren dem used to deejay, but me never really take deejaying as a profession. Dem time deh me a bout 11, 12," he said.

"We used to do a thing called drama. Me and my fren dem used to drama each other and tell stories, and my fren dem used to call me Matlock cause me used to tell the best stories and win the most drama. Every time you said something I used to find something to contradict it, so I was good at counteracting people."




Having won all those dramatic battles, Killer said he was encouraged to put his storytelling abilities to the test on a stage.

"Me have a fren called Jeffrey Sponsor. Him was a deejay and mi always a run back a him. One night we a drama now, and me a win all a di drama, and the man dem say, 'all right, since yuh have so much argument yah go hold the mic," he said.

"Mi hold the mic fi deejay and end up a sing because me forget weh me a go say. Mi ketch stage fright. Mi end up a sing a Junior Reid song, and di place buss same way. The fact seh me get a good reaction make me feel good, and me say all right, and me a go mek up a likkle lyrics, and a dat lead me fi go do something fi myself now."

The rest, as they say, is history.

"Dem time deh when yuh deejay eight good bars, yuh a gwaan wid things, and so mi thing start shot inna di ghetto now," he said. "From dem time deh now, mi think me artiste and things start move forward."

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