STAR of the Month : Bounty Killer remembers Mama Ivy

March 09, 2017
Bounty Killer is in a sombre mood as he looks at his mother's grave.
Bounty Killer poses beside a mural of himself inside the Seaview Gardens community.
Patrick Planter/ Photographer Bounty Killer is surrounded by family and friends while at Meadowrest to pay respects to his mother.
Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer was in a mellow mood during a recent visit to the house in Seaview Gardens where he grew up.

March 7 is one of the most important days in Bounty Killer's life. It was the day his mother, Ivy Williams, was born.

Mama Ivy, as she was affectionately called, passed away in February 2012, a few weeks shy of her 72nd birthday, but her son, Rodney Pryce, continues to celebrate the woman he says is responsible for the man he has become today.

Our STAR of the Month, along with a few family members and close friends, journeyed to the Meadowrest Memorial Gardens in St Catherine on Tuesday to visit the final resting place of his dear Mama Ivy.

Bounty told THE STAR that the trip has become an annual event for him and his family as they feel the need to be close to the matriarch on her special day.

"We first had a memorial for her on the 25th of February (the day she died) for the first two years, and then after that, we came to the grave yard for the 7th (her birthday). We decided that we would just do one thing after that: memorial and birthday in one," he shared.

"Instead of keeping a memorial, we just come and keep a birthday celebration at the burial spot clean up the grave and put flowers on it. We come with family members and friends, and we pray and talk and laugh and just remember her."




Bounty also explained that he and his family decided on one event celebrating his mother to keep the remembrance intimate and special.

"Most times when we used to keep the memorial, it come in like a party. It don't turn out to the significance of how we wanted people to remember Miss Ivy, so we decided we gonna come to the graveside because this is where I feel close to her," he said.

Bounty noted that although he was not ruling out having a big celebration in the community, remembering Miss Ivy, for now, he is comfortable just having a small get-together at her graveside.

"In the future, we're going to do something public so everybody can come and celebrate her life, but right now, this is more significant than having a big celebration," he said.

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