Dancers' Paradise : Latonya Styles takes dancing to the world

March 10, 2017
Latonya in action.
Latonya Styles

Dance Jamaica Academy CEO Latonya Styles is extremely pleased that her extensive tour of the tropical Pacific Ocean has so far been successful.

According to the dance instructor/lecturer, she has received positive feedback and excellent reviews from her students and fans in Australia, where she recently concluded her fourth annual tour orchestrated by Jungle City Projects and iHeartDancehall in Melbourne.

Latonya is now expected to conduct dance workshops and dancehall lectures in the Philippines, Taiwan, and six cities in Japan, concluding March 14.

The dancer also hosted the first-ever Asian Dancehall King and Queen Contest in Taiwan as well as conducted Dance Exchange workshops with fellow Dance JA instructor Zidan Xqlusiv from St Thomas, Jamaica, and Stacy Letrice from Chicago, USA.




Latonya's return to Asia as an individual instructor will be the third consecutive year she is touring there since 2015.

She believes this is an indication that dancehall's culture is highly regarded in that side of the world, especially in Japan.

"Dancehall is extremely popular in Japan, in every aspect for more than a decade. They embrace the music, dancing, fashion, parties, and the lifestyle. There is even a Jamaican restaurant in Japan," Latonya told Dancers' Paradise.

She also added that her lectures and workshops help to spread Jamaican culture.

"The world has access to Jamaican culture and dance styles via the Internet, and there are already many dancers teaching classes all over the world. Many are not sharing the correct information or acknowledging the source. So us touring help preserve the authenticity of dancehall, which is extremely important to Jamaica," Latonya said.

Other dancers set to spread Jamaica's culture worldwide include Stacia Fya, who is now on her first European tour.

She will visit the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Portugal, and Switzerland.

Kimiko Versatile, who was also in Australia with Zidan and Latonya, is now in the UK for leadership training.

She will also be heading on her first South America tour in March with expected stops in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and also in Mexico.

Latonya will be returning to Jamaica at the end of March to start preparing for possible gigs in Germany and Russia.

She will also resume her dance classes at Dance Jamaica Academy in Kingston.

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