My Confession : I stole Granny's money and blamed the dog

March 10, 2017

STAR, mi granny love all her grandchildren, but she have a special love fi me, especially because me send her money every month. Mi really happy that mi reach a place in life that mi can help her out, but she nuh know the real reason mi make it my point of duty to give her a thing every time mi get pay.

It's because mi used to give her pure trouble under the quiet.

When I was a little boy, mi mother leave mi with me granny and go live with man, so a mi granny raise mi. She used to hustle and give me everything me need. Mi neva hungry, mi neva naked, and mi had a roof ova mi head, so mi used to think she loaded with money. So, when mi ask fi things and she neva give mi, mi used to think she mean, so mi used to hide and thief from her.

Mi can remember one time, about inna grade eight at all-age school, mi friend father buy him a new bicycle and him decide fi sell the old one. Mi can't remember exactly how much him did a sell it fa, but mi know mi wait until Granny gone a market one Saturday, then me go under the bed and take out the bag where mi find out say she did a keep her partner draw money.

Mi take out money fi the bicycle then leave some $50 notes inside the bag and carry it to the dog mek him bite it up. Inna the evening as Granny come from market mi run go show her the bag that the dog nyam up, and say a him eat the money. That evening mi help her give the poor dog some lick fi nyam up the money. Up to this day, mi granny nuh like dog.

Couple days later, mi go collect the bicycle and tell Granny say mi friend give mi fi free.

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