STAR of the Month: I left King Jammy to develop friends' career - Bounty

March 11, 2017
Bounty Killer was in a mellow mood during a recent visit to the house in Seaview Gardens where he grew up.
Elephant Man
Nitty Kutchie

Legendary dancehall artiste Bounty Killer got his break under the guidance of legendary record producer King Jammy. However, the artiste could not have reached Jammy's stable without the assistance of friends like fellow artiste Boom Dandimite, who literally introduced Bounty Killer to the then powerful label.

Bounty's unique voice caused him to stand out among the very artistes who brought him to King Jammy, and even saw him making hits with the label before them. However, Bounty felt that his friends were being ignored and decided to take things in his own hands and form his own label, Priceless Records.

This decision later saw Bounty Killer falling out with King Jammy.

However the STAR of the Month revealed that helping his friends launch their careers seemed like the right thing to do since they assisted in his development.

"Elephant Man, Nitty Kutchie and dem man deh, they were from Seaview Gardens, and I felt like I owe it to them to expose their talents. They helped to draw me in the Jammy's camp, and they were the ones who I initially choose as mi crew," he said.


No financial rewards


"It was Boom Dandimite who encouraged me to come to the studio, and I thought it was only fair to try and get Dandimite a spot in the music business. There was also Angel Doolas and Harry Toddler. So that is what led me to start looking out for other artistes because it is an artiste that looked out for me."

The deejay also said Boom Dandimite's decision to give him the push he needed without asking for a favour helped to form his view on helping artistes without seeking financial rewards.

"It's just my way of giving back. I don't want to sign any artiste. I don't want to benefit from their talent. If Boom Dandimite was to sign me to benefit, it wouldn't have brought me this far. Helping artistes and seeing their growth is something you should not stop doing. Priceless Records was just to help my friends, it wasn't because I wanted to become a producer," Bounty told THE STAR.

"It was just because Jammy didn't want to record them. That is why I started Priceless and Scarce Dem label. That is also why me and Jammy broke up because I had a problem with how they dealt with my friends. My friends mean everything to me because they are the ones who helped me because they were ahead of me."

Bounty Killer went on to release songs for his friends on the 'Valley Of Death' rhythm that was done under Priceless Records.

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