STAR of the Month : Bounty Killer slams Alkaline for not giving Kartel credit

March 16, 2017
Bounty Killer
Vybz Kartel

STAR or the Month Bounty Killer believes deejay Alkaline should give Vybz Kartel credit for copying his style and image.

According to Bounty Killer, who has had his fair share of imitators, artistes who borrow from other artistes without giving credit are empty shells.

"Are you an idiot? It's like you don't have any destiny, you are empty. It's I like would come and don't give Shabba his respect and Shabba inspired me. Alkaline don't want to give Vybz Kartel his props. He is just one empty trash. We know you, and we know who you are emulating," he said.




Bounty Killer said his former rival, Beenie Man, stole his style of deejaying which later gave birth to their two-decade feud.

"A Beenie mek mi used to have to do three song in one melody. Every bad melody I came up with, Beenie Man had one in it. For example, I said "War a nuh nice something" and Beenie said "Matie a nuh good something". Me and Beenie a clash and Beenie a guh inna my melody fi kill mi ... . Mi haffi a seh da bwoy ya bad eeh? Mi an di man a war and him a use my own style. Him and Merciless wicked dem way deh, man," Bounty Killer said.

The artiste also joked about Merciless' denial that he borrowed his style of deejaying.

"Merciless a di worst one. Merciless seh him nuh sound like nobody ... . Suh a fi him style dat. But on a whole, I feel complimented when they borrow my style, but it is just that some of dem don't have no sense. You can't emulate and imitate people and you nah show respect for the person you emulate. You can't hide from yourself because you are empty," he said.

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