My Confession: A fowl defecated on my back during sex

March 17, 2017

STAR, when woman say man a wicked, you must believe them. Mi used to like off this guy at me workplace and him did like mi, too. We flirted, but nothing happened between us.

Eventually, mi did leave that job and forgot about him until one night we buck up at a popular club in MoBay. I was there with my friends, but them eventually leave mi with him. We danced and had a great time, until we start feeling 'nice', if you get what mi mean.

We couldn't go a my yard, because it was too far. And we couldn't go to his house because his girlfriend was there, and we neva wah pay no big money for a room. Anyway, we find a little secluded spot around a corner. So, we go ova there and start do we thing under a tree.

Things did a gwaan good, and as me turn around fi another position, me feel something drop inna me back. When we look up, me see some fowl a sleep inna the tree, and realise say a fowl doo-doo deh pon me. I was grossed out, and before the guy help me, him just continue doing him business until him finish.

Mi wipe it off with some bush, but the scent was still so horrible. After all that, mi think the guy a go drop me home. Him tell me fi call taxi because him no comfortable driving in my community. A so mi know seh man heartless.

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