STAR of the Month : Brand power determines dubplate prices - Bounty

March 17, 2017
Bounty Killer

Known by many as the artiste who set the standard for dubplate prices in dancehall, STAR of The Month Bounty Killer recently said that once an artiste has developed his brand, then he can control the market as it relates to prices.

Bounty Killer was arguably the main man for dubplates during the glory days of the sound system culture.

However, the icon believes any artiste could have controlled the prices if he was the hot commodity.

"They say the same thing right now about Alkaline. But the thing is when you are a sensation or the man of the moment, you can say whatever and it stands. When I came in the business, the cost of dubplates was nothing. So that is why people would say Bounty Killer's dubplates were the most expensive at the time," he said.

Bounty noted that he had to set a standard since artistes were being blatantly robbed by sound system owners globally.

"People were giving you what they feel like and then some artistes never used to know better. They had one little song and it fade out by summer, so they felt like anything a man offer them they must take it," he said.




Bounty Killer said when an artiste is running the place for years, he is supposed to put a standard to his brand.

"So that is why I came and push it to a limit. I used to charge Japanese US$1,000 for a dubplate, and then from there the business just tek it on. Some man even outdo me and charge as much as US$5,000, which even to me is ridiculous," he said.

Bounty Killer stated that dubplates are mediums of promotion. He also asked that artistes be considerate when setting prices, considering that selectors don't make much from dubplates especially playing at low-budget events.

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