STAR of the Month : My speeches are all spontaneous - Bounty Killer

March 18, 2017
Bounty Killer

STAR of the Month Bounty Killer is known for his classic speeches when performing live on stage, which usually sees him rhyming about issues which are of a bother to him, or simply introducing his songs to the audience.

Many of Bounty's speeches are comedic and are usually well received by the audience. However, despite the strong impact of his speeches, Bounty Killer revealed that they are all spontaneous.

"No, I don't recite my speeches. Mi have speech weh mi mek and it end up bad and mi haffi do it again, but every night when I go on stage I don't recite speeches. It has to happen naturally and I can't plan it because I don't know how the people dem a guh react. I just say what I feel and what comes to my mind same time," he said.

Bounty Killer says he was nicknamed 'Matlock' during his formative years. This is because he was a jokester and was usually known to his peers for making fun of people with his taunting speeches.

"It's a thing that you have to allow yourself to be able to do. If you try to plan your speeches they will eventually become monotonous or pathetic. Like when I said to Beenie Man, 'you little pauper, everything I say you repeat after', that wasn't planned. That was just how I felt at the time because he was shaving around my lyrics during the clash," he said.

Bounty Killer will host Bounty Sundays tomorrow at Oneil's Place.

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