Testimony : 'She made it over' with the help of God

March 18, 2017
Charmaine Thompson

Followers of Jesus Christ have always believed that He is an on-time God.

Well, Charmaine Thompson of the Bloomwell Olive Tree Church in Clarendon is one who strongly believes in this statement.

Thompson, in giving THE STAR her testimony, shared that in 2015 she was admitted to the May Pen Hospital in Clarendon to undergo a surgery on her thyroid glands.

"For four days I was on the life machine. Whenever my visitors came to visit me I could not see them physically, but I was able to see them spiritually. They were astonished to see the condition in which I was," said Thompson.

She pointed out that she had tubes in her throat, was strapped to the life machine, and she was unable to speak.

But Thompson noted that she overheard a nurse complaining that she (Thompson) was on the machine and she (nurse) was unable to close down the computer which was linked to the machine.

"I just looked away to God, and I said 'God, Mary and Martha had to call upon You when their brother Lazarus was dead for four days, and they saw the miracle which You worked'. It was during the season of crucifixion and I just looked away," she said.

Thompson, who was a member of her church choir, currently serves as an usher and is an ardent witness to the unsaved, said after about a minute she heard the nurse singing a song titled She Made It Over.

It was not long after that Thompson said things changed.

"They saw my right hand being raised and they sung She Made It Over. After that I was sent home, and after three days the sickness seemed as if it never left me. During a vision I was just crying and saying 'come forth from the grave because there is power to heal and save'. My husband then held on to me and said, 'Charm, didn't the doctor said you should not shout', but I shouted it through, and here I am today," said Thompson.




She noted that the doctors told her that she could not sing or shout, but she is thankful to the Lord that she has been able to do the work of God, including witnessing to others to surrender their life to Him.

"There is nothing impossible for God. God is amazing, He is great, He is good, He is marvellous. In Him I live, in Him I dwell and in Him I have my being," testified the church worker.

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