Fass & Curious : Nasty attitude from immigration officers in Bahamas

March 20, 2017

"Come Dennis, this one is going back, too!"

The immigration officer at a Bahamas airport was pulling out all the stops a few Friday mornings ago, sending some Jamaicans on the next flight home. I sat and watched as everything transpired.

First, there were two men, one of whom I was admiring from Jamaica. His arms and chest were ... hmmm! Sigh! Dem look good man, cho! LOL!

Anyway, him and him combolo were being practically dragged back to the departure lounge. He was quiet, but the other man demanded to know what the issue was, claiming he didn't do anything wrong.

An immigration officer was overheard telling them that the Bahamian authorities have their ears to the ground.

"Who is in charge here?" he asked.

"I am in charge, sir, and I say you cannot go through," the immigration officer said.

Dis woman nah play. I couldn't help but notice how dem tek the black dye and draw line right round har head. Where are your edges, woman?!

There was no curve or anything, just one straight line across her forehead. Then again, it seems to be a thing in The Bahamas, because I couldn't help but notice that every woman with dyed hairline looked the same.




They took a young girl, who was just grinning her teeth, into a room. She seemed to have had no clue she was about to be sent back on the next flight. Shortly after, the poor ting came through the door looking sad. I laughed, but it wasn't funny. Maybe dem never like how she a grin too much.

On a serious note, the immigration officers can deal with people better, especially Jamaicans! They were loud and aggressive, so everyone was looking. Den again, Bahamians naturally have an attitude in their accent, so just imagine when dem decide to be nasty.

Well, at least the one dem weh get turn back can say they went to The Bahamas airport!

Mi gone yah! If you can't be good, be careful.


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