STAR of the Month : Bounty's embarrassing clash moment

March 21, 2017
Bounty Killer

STAR of the Month Bounty Killer has defeated several artistes during his rise to the top of the dancehall industry. However, aside from his many clash victories onstage and on record, the deejay disclosed the Sting 2000 was his most embarrassing since Merciless left claiming that he lyrically slaughtered Beenie Man, Ninja Man and himself.

The Warlord believes the audience was rooting for Merciless since he was seen as the underdog. He also said if Beenie Man had made the competition balanced by teaming up with Merciless instead of siding with him and Ninja Man, then fans would have taken a more objective approach when deciding a victor.

"Merciless only kill the tree down a Guinep Tree, and if he admitted that, we would have had no issues. But he was saying he killed three of us, so me and Ninja Man had to rub him out at a next show. Ninja Man is the one who made me enter the stage at Sting. I was not booked for Sting and didn't go there to clash. A because mi see Merciless a done Ninja enuh mi a seh, 'Merciless a guh tek weh Ninja title'. So, mi go there to defend mi father," he said.




Bounty Killer said the clash was just about to get exciting when Beenie Man decided to join, thereby helping to form a self-destructive trio.

"Merciless seh, 'Beenie yuh want piece a this?' And Beenie fi just go pan Merciless side and mek me and Ninja tek dem on, but Beenie ran and join us. Mi a seh to myself, 'afta a nuh wi did call yuh, Beenie?' The man come mek wi look like three big waste man a fight one likkle artiste. A him mek Merciless look bad inna the morning because he was now the underdog. But what Merciless really wanted was for Beenie Man to join him," he said.

Bounty had THE STAR desk in laughter as he explained that Beenie Man figured that it would have been an easy win if he joined Bounty and Ninja.

"A him mek wi look like idiot up deh and mek di bwoy look bad. Because how yuh fi a support three man a fight one? Yuh a guh support the one who a kill three. From that point Merciless never have to deliver no lyrics to win. All di man seh was, 'wad up, bad man nuh tek bad up. Him nuh sing nothing, him just look badda dan wi," he said.

Bounty said the clash was embarrassing, and led him to release the album, Art of War, which did serious damage to Merciless' career.

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