STAR of the Month : Bounty Killer loves connecting with the people

March 22, 2017
Bounty Killer

STAR of the month Bounty Killer says he will know exactly when it's time to hang up his hat and retire from the music business. The entertainer told THE STAR he prides himself on connecting with his audience and says that if there should come a day when he loses that connection, he will know immediately that it will be time to retire.

"I know exactly what to tell the people dem when I go pan stage, mi never miss fi connect wid di people dem. As a performer, yuh can't lose that one day," he said. "Anytime Killer go pan di stage and not sure what fi tell di people dem say, I think I'm going to have to give up the job. If you are the master of ceremonies yuh supposed to know how fi master di ceremony at all time."


Big break


His need to connect with the people, Killer says, has followed him from the moment he got his big break in the 1990s to this day.

That, he explains is the reason he still goes to on the road to promote new material.

"I always go to the streets to promote my thing. I want to see the reaction of the people. I don't want to have a radio man sit down in the radio station and tell me that him think the people like the song; I want to see the reaction," he said. "I want to see dem body reaction when the song play to see if it hitting them or if is the selector forcing it on them."

He believes the latter is what many of the young entertainers are missing and is the reason why many of their careers do not last as long as they could.

"I'm a magician with the people and I don't want to imagine the magic, I want to see it," he said encouraging young artistes to do the same. "You affi see that reaction for yourself so yuh know the science weh yuh fi do when yuh go back inna di lab."

He also encouraged young performers not to be discouraged if the reaction they get from the people is not one they were hoping for, as becoming a great performer comes with experience.

"It takes a lot of experience because when me just come out me couldn't perform still innu, mi nah tell nuh lie," he said. "If yuh watch back some of my performance mi just did bad and have good lyrics but me wasn't no great performer. I had to use experience as my knowledge."

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