Dancers' Paradise : 'Rula' dance set to govern dancehall

March 24, 2017
The Rula Squad: (from left) Rankle Dankle, Shelly Belly, Blazay Blazay, John Hype and Shankledip.
Shelly Belly
John Hype

Dance group Rula Squad, formerly called John Squad, is promoting a new dance move and single, titled 'The Rula'.

The Rula Squad comprises of popular dancers John Hype, Shelly Belly, Blazay Blazay, Shankledip and Rankle Dankle.

The Rula dance song was recorded by Harry Toddler and produced by Cornelius records.

The group is currently executing a hard-core street promotional campaign, touching some of the popular dancehall events including Blazay Blazay's own Boasy Tuesday.


New dancers


John Hype told THE WEEKEND STAR that the routine is simple and will rule the dancehall circuit.

"Dance is supposed to be simple. If you have a dance and your girlfriend cannot do it in her heels, that is not a dance. So, I am back to take the new dancers to school because dancehall needs this," he told The WEEKEND STAR.

'The Rula' is already picking up speed in the dancehall, and the group has already created follow-up choreography with the intention of extending their dominance through the summer period.


Break dance


"Wi never out of dance yet. Right now each of us have wi own dance a come so the fans dem can look out for that. But right now a just Rula di thing deh. People might never see us for awhile now, but nothing nuh change except that some man a break dance and a call it dancehall. But wi a come with the real authentic thing," Blazay Blazay said.

John Hype's protege Shelly Belly is riding high with his solo career presently. However, he was upbeat about promoting 'The Rula' dance with his mentor.

"Anywhere I go over the world I say John Hype because I am not ungrateful. This is a happy moment because John Hype a true dancehall ruler, and wi nuh kill solider. This is a hit, and wi fit and ready for the streets again. Wi just mad with it. All 10 dance wi have one time. Some not even have name," Shelly Belly added.

Shelly Belly is also promoting a new dance, titled 'Bully', which is a follow-up to the popular 'Belleh' dance move.

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