My Confession : Christian grandma sending nude pictures

March 24, 2017

STAR, mi no have any confession about myself directly, but you said I could spill the beans about somebody else. I want to tell you about my granny who sings pon choir every Sunday and gwaan like she holier than thou.

She is a woman who always have credit, nuff credit, pon her phone because mi auntie send her credit from foreign. A regular mi thief credit from her phone and she not even know.

But from the other day, me notice say she nah leave her phone around the place like usual. Me start wonder if a because she find out say mi a take her credit. But mi finally get a hold of the phone about a week ago when she go bathe and leave it fi charge.

Right as me a check how much credit deh pon the phone, me see a WhatsApp message come in, but me ignore it thinking it's just one of those chain messages that her church brothers forward to her.

But then mi get very curious after mi check the WhatsApp preview and the message say, "I love what you sent. You like mine?"

When me open the message, one big ole sitten with grey hair on it pop up pon mi.

Mi frighten so till me nearly dash weh the phone. I was so grossed out that me couldn't even muster up the courage fi read the rest of the conversation.

From that, mi can't look pon her the same again. It's like me scarred fi life.

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