Testimony : God delivered her from the jaws of death

March 25, 2017
George Henry photo Charmaine Lewis


Like David states in Psalms 37, verse 25, he has never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.

Many followers of Jesus Christ have said the same, and continue to do so. Charmaine Lewis of the Olive Tree Church of God at Bloomwell in Clarendon is one of them.

Lewis, who has been a child of God for more than a decade, shared that Jesus has done much for her since she surrendered her life to him.

She testified that she was unemployed for a number of years and asked the Lord to provide a job for her.

"It was really difficult. It seemed like my faith was getting weak but I remember my sister came by the house from work, and I told her that I needed a job," she said, noting she left the house with her sister.




Lewis shared that by the time she returned home, she went into her room and saw US dollars on her bed.

"To me, that was a mystery because God allowed manna to have fallen on my bed. I was so excited because I had three children to send to school. The money being there was a miracle, and up to this day I still do not know how the money reached on my bed. It was sufficient for me to go and do back-to-school shopping for my children," testified Lewis.

She cited going through difficult experiences over the years, including Satan setting up family members against her.

"But the Devil realised that God has a plan for my life. God has allowed me to motivate my children to serve Him. There were times when I was going through my difficulties and did not have anybody to talk to, even in the church I could not share my situation. It is like everybody was against me, but at that moment God came through for me," said Lewis.


Knife hidden


She said she also went through a bad patch with her children's father. She told him she needed some things for the children and he told her to see him for some groceries at a wholesale.

"But to my surprise, while he was taking me to the wholesale he diverted to a different road while driving his uncle's car," she said.

Lewis testified that the Spirit of God told her he had a knife hidden in his back to take her life. She said she hugged him and felt the knife there.

"I pulled the knife from his back and threw it away. He started to search for the knife but was unable to find it. I spoke to God and told Him just to give me one more chance and I would give Him (God) my all," she said. "He could not find the knife and then the song Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour came to me from the Lord. I escaped being killed," said Lewis.

Lewis added that the devil wanted to kill her two daughters. She shared that there are several other miracles which God has performed in her life and that of her children. She is thankful to God for saving all her children.

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