Dancers' Paradise: Twin Starzz 'booming it up' in dancehall

March 31, 2017
Twin Starzz in action.
Twin Starzz

Dancing duo Twin Starzz are identical twins, and they are getting ready to serve up a double dose of entertainment for the music industry courtesy of two new dance moves.

The Spanish Town-based dancers, who left the Church to join the dancehall community, have been dancing for over five years.

However, the twins, Alicia and Lisa Nelson, said that they had tried another path but were pulled back to the dancehall scene.

"We were judged in the Church, so we decided to leave the Church and get back to dancing. However, we still pray and keep it right with God ... wi nuh leave God out of nothing," Twin Starzz said.




Following their exit from the Church, the duo has been busy executing promotional activities for companies.

However, under the guidance of veteran manager Carlington Wilmot, the dancers are now looking to take their talents to the highest level.

Twin Starzz has already nabbed one big choreography hit under its belt, namely the 'Boom It Up', popularised by recording artiste Ganggoolie, who has a song with the same name.

The dance is relatively popular among female dancers and requires the movement of the posterior end of the body in an upward and downward manner with both hands behind.

According to the duo, the 'Boom It Up' dance blew up on its own with little promotion.

"We were doing it among ourselves first, and then other female dancers said they liked it and we told them the name. After a while, other dancers began to do it. Then as many as four songs were released from artistes about the 'Boom It Up' dance, and we did not plan it," the duo said.

The twins, who spoke in a relatively synchronised manner, are also working with recording artiste KipRich to release a follow up to 'Boom It Up' titled 'Umraw'.

KipRich has already recorded the Umraw dance single, which will be released under Outaroad records.

Following the release of 'Umraw' dance, Twin Starzz will then set sail for Europe with the artiste, where they are expected to perform at several events as well as teach dance classes.

The duo also revealed that they are not dating at present in an attempt to focus on their careers.

"We are also putting out effort to learn male dances because we want to be versatile. We can do male dances, and at present, we are rehearsing steps," the duo said.

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