True Confessions : I made my brother's girlfriend leave him

March 31, 2017

STAR, one time my older brother was madly in love with a real 'crebbeh crebbeh' girl from the community.

Me couldn't see what me good, decent brother wha raise properly see in that girl. The girl full a tattoo and bore up her body like she a strainer.

She smoke and curse badword like a song she a sing. She very rough, she bleach out, and the list no stop desso.

At first, me did think him just want some 'service' from her since it seem like she very kind dem way deh. So me neva really pay it no mind.

But after a while, me notice say things start get serious, to the point where him all a talk bout having her live at the house.

That's when me realise me have to put a stoppage to it quick, but me neva want me brother hate me fi mash up him relationship.

Me just wait until him leave him phone fi go play football one evening, then me use him phone and start message her as my brother.

Me start off by telling her me rate her because she really cool, but she a cause problem inna me family because she no fit in with them, so we have to end it.

Me tell her say, just do like she neva know me because me father threaten fi cut me off if me no stop deal with her, and I can't risk that.

She send one bag a message after that, but me delete everything. Me no know how exactly things between them go after that. All mi know di relationship mash up.

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